“This [situation] happened once before with my prior property management, but they didn’t do anything until I got the letter [from Wilkes Barre Code Enforcement],  so thanks for being proactive.” Sushrut G., Saratoga, CA

“After a horrible experience with a property manager in the Scranton area, I was considerably dubious of even trying to have my home managed again. Fortunately, I called management, and their exemplary service BEFORE we even signed a contract sold me! Landmark was patient, tolerant, and helpful for months before we signed with them (because the prior manager refused to release us from his contract), and have maintained that quality in the 6 months we have been with them. I would recommend Landmark management to anyone interested in property management services in the Scranton area.” – Steve Y, Marbel Falls, AR

“We have worked with the good people at Landmark Management for several years and we’re very pleased with their professional service. We know we can depend on them to care for our property; they are honest, up-front and direct, with the knowledge and experience we expect from a property management company. These are real people with a personal investment in providing quality service. We’re fortunate to have discovered Landmark Management!” – Andrea G, San Francisco, CA

“Prior to having Landmark Management manage my duplex in Scranton, I had two other property managers. If I found Landmark when I initially purchased my home in 2008, I would’ve saved myself quite a few headaches (and money!). The company is superbly run. My tenants and I are  happy with them because they resolve issues immediately and are pleasant and professional. They also offer great investor related guidance. One of the owners has given me invaluable info regarding investing in the area. Great company.” – James F, Seaford, NY

“I have an apartment building in the Scranton area that I have been struggling with for years. The complication is that I live out of state.  The building needs repairs and of course we need to get tenants to rent. Landmark Management has been terrific in getting the repairs done and now they are getting the apartments rented. Hooray. They are great to work with and I strongly recommend them.  – Ronald E, Valders, WI

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