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Our friend Chris

Our close friend and colleague, Christian De La Rosa, suffered a major stroke on Aug 21, 2020.  He is 41 years old and has been working with us for over a year.  He is a motivated and tireless sales agent, and even though this is his first year, he has contracted over a dozen sales and listings.  To know Christian is to instantly recognize the warm and caring spirit he has, and kind respect he shows to all.

After working hard for the last year, Christian recently was able to bring his wife, Melissa, and their 3-year-old daughter, Tiffany, to the US from the Dominican Republic.  Now that they have been here acclimating for almost two months, it may not be possible for them to stay here because of language and funding-- Christian can no longer speak for them—no one knows when or even if he will regain his ability to speak.

He is facing a long and very tough road to rehabilitation, and all of our lives have been upended because of this most tragic development to our friend. 

Christian is a very humble and private person, and we do not make a request lightly or without thinking through how he would feel about it (I’m sure he wouldn’t like it, but would understand why it’s being done) and because the situation is so very serious we are hoping that if you are able, you would consider making a donation to help his family with their medical and living expenses during this especially tough time. 

We live in strange and hard times; If you are not in a position to help, please say a prayer for his recovery.

We hope you will take a moment to help Chris and his family during his recovery:

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