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We believe in full transparency to help you find a home that works for your needs.  Finding the right home is sometimes a journey - and we hope our family may help yours.

Rental Approval Standards



No late payments or collection accounts for the last 5 years


No history of a felony domestic violence or drug-related convictions within the last 5 years.


Proof that applicant(s) gross monthly combined verifiable income is 300% (3 times) the monthly rent,

i.e.: monthly rent is equal to or less than 33% of the gross monthly combined verifiable income.


Proof that rent has been paid on time for the previous 3 (three) months immediately prior to application.


Copies of State-issued photo ID and Social Security Card for all applicants, and/or ‘Green Card’ if applicable.


Three most recent pay stubs, tax returns if self-employed, or written verification of income if unemployed from the source providing that income.


Fully completed 'rental application' and signed credit report authorization.

Rental applications 

An applicant meeting or exceeding these standards is not automatically guaranteed approval for a particular rental unit, nor is an applicant who does not meet or exceed these standards automatically disqualified.

The first fully-qualified tenant with the funds available and who is ready, willing and able to proceed will be offered a lease.  No 'holding deposit' is accepted.


In the absence of an applicant who meets all of the standards set forth below, the owner may accept an application that does not meet or exceed some or all of the items listed below.  The final decision lies with the property owner.


Why Do I have to pay $35?


The $35 fee is standard background check service.

WE do not make any money off of this fee, the background check helps ensure the owners property is rented to a qualified renter.


I paid the $35 and did not get to rent the apartment I wanted!?!

That’s disappointing - we know. Rentals are first come first serve basis. If you missed an opportunity, let us know what you're looking for so we can try to help facilitate your success. We are in this together and looking to help.


We wish you and your family the best in your search of your new home and hope to be your partner.


Landmark Management Services.


Pet & service animals - $20 screening fee.


The $20 pet screening fee will be applied to all pets including emotional support and service animals.

WE do not make any money off of this fee. will screen and verify pets, certified service animals, and emotional support animals.


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