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Sue the court for Due Process!

(Note: the following is NOT regarding tenants who have a legitimate cause/claim for non-payment. Rather, it is referring to those few tenants that are gaming the system.)

During the last few months, there has been no end to the frustration felt by the rental property owners we represent.  They ask "what can we do to get the tenant to pay?" 

Since the eviction moratorium went into effect, we could only shrug and say, "Sorry, nothing can be done yet."

That's about to change.  We can now refer to some new developments (example link below) and respond, "you can sue the court to reopen!"

There are protests for just about everything else--that's a constitutional right in America; maybe it's time for landlords to exercise their constitutional rights to due process of law ?!    Due process” originated in 1215 with the English Magna Carta, an important provision of which was that no freeman would be deprived of certain rights except “by the judgment of his peers and by the law of the land.”

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